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Please see below fixtures for the 2018/19 league.


Thursday 01-Nov-18 Tryers V Oliver's Army
Friday 02-Nov-18 Friday Club V Hustlers
Thursday 08-Nov-18 Miscellaneous V Tryers
Friday 09-Nov-18 No Hopers V Mixers
Thursday 15-Nov-18 Tryers V Hustlers
Friday 16-Nov-18 Oliver's Army V Orphans
Thursday 22-Nov-18 No Hopers V Tryers
Friday 23-Nov-18 Friday Club V Miscellaneous
Thursday 29-Nov-18 Tryers V Orphans
Friday 30-Nov-18 Hustlers V Mixers
Thursday 06-Dec-18 Friday Club V Tryers
Friday 07-Dec-18 Oliver's Army V No Hopers
Thursday 13-Dec-18 Tryers V Mixers
Friday 14-Dec-18 Orphans V Miscellaneous
Thursday 10-Jan-19 Miscellaneous V Mixers
Friday 11-Jan-19 No Hopers V Orphans
Thursday 17-Jan-19 Oliver's Army V Hustlers
Friday 18-Jan-19 Friday Club V Orphans
Thursday 24-Jan-19 No Hopers V Miscellaneous
Friday 25-Jan-19 Friday Club V Mixers
Thursday 31-Jan-19 Hustlers V Orphans
Friday 01-Feb-19 Oliver's Army V Mixers
Thursday 07-Feb-19 Friday Club V No Hopers
Friday 08-Feb-19 Oliver's Army V Miscellaneous
Thursday 14-Feb-19 Orphans V Mixers
Friday 15-Feb-19 Hustlers V Miscellaneous
Thursday 21-Feb-19 Oliver's Army V Friday Club
Friday 22-Feb-19 Hustlers V No Hopers


Thursday 01-Nov-18 Mixers V Miscellaneous
Friday 02-Nov-18 Orphans V No Hopers
Thursday 08-Nov-18 Hustlers V Oliver's Army
Friday 09-Nov-18 Orphans V Friday Club
Thursday 15-Nov-18 Miscellaneous V No Hopers
Friday 16-Nov-18 Mixers V Friday Club
Thursday 22-Nov-18 Orphans V Hustlers
Friday 23-Nov-18 Mixers V Oliver's Army
Thursday 29-Nov-18 No Hopers V Friday Club
Friday 30-Nov-18 Miscellaneous V Oliver's Army
Thursday 06-Dec-18 Mixers V Orphans
Friday 07-Dec-18 Miscellaneous V Hustlers
Thursday 13-Dec-18 Friday Club V Oliver's Army
Friday 14-Dec-18 No Hopers V Hustlers
Thursday 10-Jan-19 Oliver's Army V Tryers
Friday 11-Jan-19 Hustlers V Friday Club
Thursday 17-Jan-19 Tryers V Miscellaneous
Friday 18-Jan-19 Mixers V No Hopers
Thursday 24-Jan-19 Hustlers V Tryers
Friday 25-Jan-19 Orphans V Oliver's Army
Thursday 31-Jan-19 Tryers V No Hopers
Friday 01-Feb-19 Miscellaneous V Friday Club
Thursday 07-Feb-19 Orphans V Tryers
Friday 08-Feb-19 Mixers V Hustlers
Thursday 14-Feb-19 Tryers V Friday Club
Friday 15-Feb-19 No Hopers V Oliver's Army
Thursday 21-Feb-19 Mixers V Tryers
Friday 22-Feb-19 Miscellaneous V Orphans